06.20.18En route to our second album!

We have been working towards the realisation of our 2nd album.
We'll update you with exciting details shortly!

04.26.18Concerts in May 2018!

MAY concerts in NL

Tiltan is a mix of folklore with contemporary composition, jazz and improvisation composed and arranged by David Golek. The inspiration source for this new musical chapter is the weaving of David Golek's family life-journey. All based on true stories. David has put music from his origins and his life journey all together, mixing influences from the middle east, eastern Europe and north Africa, Jewish music, along with chamber music, Jazz and film music.

'A Road-movie for the ear!'

01.15.18New concert series coming up as from May 2018!

Dear all,

We're in the process of booking concerts in the period May - July 2018 (and further!).
We're putting together the new program.
Good news to be announced soon!

11.04.17Tiltan plays at the beautiful Amstelkerk in Amsterdam

We would like to invite you to our upcoming concert on November 4th in Amsterdam.
You'll be treated for a double concert this time with 'Titan' and also the Mehmet Polat trio at the beautiful venue of Amstelkerk.
We'll be playing with Dániel Mester - clarinet, Bela Horvat - violin, Mike Roelofs - Harmonium and David Golek on Guitar and compositions.

It's gonna be a special evening and reservations are warmly recommended!

09.07.16Dutch Delta Sounds showcase concert

We are delighted to participate at the Dutch Delta Sounds festival, representing World-music made in the Netherlands.
Concert on 8th September at the Paradiso Noord (Tolhuistuin) in Amsterdam.
Link: http://www.dutchdeltasounds.nl/events/tiltan/

06.15.16NEW VIDEO: A Night of a Thousand Candles

Movie made by Esra Sakir in one of our latest concerts!

06.10.16Tiltan playing a showcase at the 'Dutch Delta Sounds' festival

We are excited to be selected among the few groups which will represent World-music making in the Netherlands. This will take place on the 8th of September 2016 for a national & international audience.
Link: www.dutchdeltasounds.nl

02.01.16Full attendance concerts in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is such a good place for us! :) All of our concerts in Amsterdam, time and time again, were with full or close to maximum attendance, including the Bimhuis, or our last concert with around 400 people at the Portuguese synagogue, which was a real special treat!
That is just to say to our public a big Thank you!!!

12.25.14We're in top 5 World-music best cd's of the Year 2014 in 'Het Parool'!!!

Tiltan's cd 'A Road Less Traveled' has been well received by the press with excellent critics. The cd has been voted among best 20 cd's of the year 2014, and among 5 best World-music cd's of the year in popular newspaper 'Het Parool' (NL).

Here is the link:


12.19.14Category best 14 world music cd's of the year on 'MixedWorldMusic'!

Just got these nice news that Tiltan's cd 'A Road Less Traveled' was chosen among 3 of 12 Journalists on magazine 'MixedWorldMusic' in the category best 14 world music cd's of the year!

Check also Tiltan's great national & international latest reviews!
That is a great way to close 2014. Thanks again to everyone who contributed in some way, wrote about, booked, translated, helped promoting and recommended us!!!

10.31.14TILTAN gets great local and international reviews! Find them under the 'Press' section

05.19.14Tiltan's new cd 'A Road Less Traveled' is out!

With much joy, the new Tiltan's cd 'A Road Less Traveled' has arrived!!!

02.19.14TILTAN's new cd to be released officially end of May 2014 at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam!

We want to thanks all the people who helped us with the crowd-funding campaign!!!

Tiltan's new cd is due in May 2014!

More concerts have been confirmed as part of our cd presentation tour (see tour dates), and more are in the process to be confirmed soon in Holland and abroad.

More exciting news coming soon, once they are confirmed. Please keep tuned.

12.02.13Crowdfunding of TILTAN's new cd in process!

Dear all,

I hope this finds everyone well!

We are in the exciting process of realizing TILTAN's first cd!
(info about Tiltan on www.tiltanmusic.com)

The music of Tiltan will hopefully be out and available in the next coming months.

In order to do so, we decided to involve our friends, followers and music lovers in a crowd-funding campaign.
To those who don't know what a Crowd funding campaign is: It's a platform initiated by individuals or an organization for raising money through a collective effort for a certain cause. Since a couple of years, this became a common way to raise funds in order to realize projects of all kinds.

Times are changing for economies, markets, and therefore the music industry as well, and so we decided to bring this cd on our own, independently!

The making of a cd is expensive, and that's why we decided to try and realize it through a Crowd funding campaign.

There are some of the advantages in this way of financing:

- You can directly be involved and support artists that you like in this way.
- A closer relation, more personal, between an audience and the artists you'd like and support.
- Musicians keep the rights and the control over the production of the cd (and not giving them to a record company or any third party = No politics from the music industry, at least on this front..), and therefore we get in fact the fairest of deals, by bringing the cd ourselves. The whole production is more compact, more transparent.

To read more or if you'd like to support us, you can do via this link:


To listen samples & have an impression of our music just go to www.tiltanmusic.com (These themes are going to be on the cd, in a newer recording)

During the campaign I will send a few updates about the developments.

Last but not least: I know that for some of you it is difficult to contribute with money. We know that, and you don't have to. You can contribute in other ways such as spreading the word.

I thank you all very much in advance for your support and generosity!!!


David Golek & Tiltan


06.28.13Tiltan invited to play a showcase at the Jazzdag 2013 in Rotterdam!

05.21.13Cd recording!

Tiltan will be recording it's new cd! We are very excited and much looking forward to that. More details later!

12.10.12November/ December 2012

We had some wonderful concerts in the last 2 months. Soon some videos from concerts and tv interview on Youtube!

01.05.12Bookings 2012 - 2014

'Tiltan' got nice responses and attention, and we are busy now with bookings for the period mentioned. Hopefully close to you! Details soon.

10.10.11TILTAN elected to play at International showcase in Rotterdam!

The concert will take part on 1 December 2011 at the International world-music meeting in Rotterdam at the 'Machinist', on podium 'Grounds'.